Prayer, very simply, is talking with God. We love prayer and believe it works! It’s our way of building and deepening our relationship with Him, as well as involving Him in the big and small situations we come across – worshipping Him for the great things that happen, or calling out to Him when we’re struggling. In the Bible Jesus showed us how to pray, and set us a great example by frequently praying to His Father Himself

Prayer underpins everything we do as a church and as individuals within the church. We encourage everyone to invest in developing their own personal prayer lives, and we pray together in church on a Sunday, bi-monthly on Wednesday evenings, in Small Groups, and informally with friends.

We have a prayer chain where people can share prayer requests by email with a wide group from the church, and a team who will pray for more personal difficulties in person on a Sunday morning.  If you need us to pray for something that’s going on in your life, we’d love to support you in that way, just get in touch!

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