• COVID Update 20/07/21 - Changes to Face to Face Meetings

    Hi everyone.  As promised, we’re now in a position to let you know what’s changing and what restrictions will remain in place for face-to-face worship at Trinity.  As you are no doubt aware, the government lifted all legal restrictions on Church worship from 19th July, but all the experts advise a more gradual change in individual and corporate behaviour given the current prevalence of Covid-19.  So, after consultation with the Church Members’ Meeting, the following will apply at Trinity from Sunday 25th July onwards.

    What’s changing?

    • We can now sing as a congregation!
    • People from different households are permitted to sit together if they wish.
    • Social distancing restrictions on children’s and youth work will be lifted, allowing children’s and youth leaders to manage their group dynamics sensibly according to the needs of the children or youth in their care.
    • In the middle and on the right of the chapel (as you look from the glass doors) the seat rows will be closer together to allow more people to come.  The left side of the chapel and the balcony will remain socially distanced.  People may choose where they prefer to sit.
    • The one-way system will no longer be in operation, so please respect that others might wish to maintain distance when passing you.
    • It is no longer necessary to bring your own elements for communion.

    What’s staying the same?

    • No-one should come to church if they have been asked to self-isolate or have covid symptoms (unless they have a confirmed negative covid test – see below for more details).
    • You will still need to sign in with your name and contact details for test and trace purposes.  It is really helpful if you can sign in ahead of time through the website or ChurchSuite, as this speeds up the process at the door, but with increased capacity we are confident that those who arrive on the day will be able to attend.
    • The windows and doors will remain open to increase air circulation.
    • Everyone must continue to sanitise their hands upon entry and maintain good hand hygiene when going to the toilet, using stair rails, etc.
    • Toilets remain separate for children and adults when children’s work is in operation.
    • Until everyone has had the chance to receive both vaccination jabs (estimated mid-late September), we will keep the requirement to wear masks whilst inside the building (unless you have an exemption). We recognise this is far from ideal, but all the experts agree that it is the most important measure in minimising the spread of the disease inside.  We would ask everyone to see this as an act of love to those among us who remain vulnerable to Covid.
    • We will not yet be serving drinks after the service and we encourage people, wherever possible, to chat outside the building.
    • If you test positive for Covid within 48 hours of being at Trinity, please inform Andy (or in his absence Kerry or one of the deacons), so he can inform those who would need to know.


    Pastor’s Weekly Message 25th July 2021

    “I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.”  Psalm 9:1-2

    Finally, we can sing again in church!  For many of us, I’m sure it is a day for which we have been waiting for some time!  I’m certainly looking forward to being uplifted by the sound.  For some of us, though, the thought of being glad and rejoicing might be harder to imagine.  Perhaps we are grieving, or struggling with significant unanswered prayer, or simply had a horrible week.  If you read the rest of Psalm 9 your will see that David was in a very difficult situation himself when he wrote these words.  Perhaps that is why the thankfulness, rejoicing, gladness and singing were located not in the emotions, but the will.  “I will give thanks … I will tell of your wonderful deeds … I will be glad and rejoice in you … I will sing the praises of your name.”  We praise God, not because everything in our life is right, but because he has done great things for us.  And the communion table reminds us of the greatest of all of those things: Jesus’ Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation.  When I am struggling, I find this is a rock on which I can stand and find something for which to praise God.

    Note: we have lifted some of our covid restrictions in church and, for the time being, kept some others.  The new rules can be seen above.

    My love to you all.  Andy.


    Trinity Bexleyheath is made up of a growing diverse group of Christians of all ages gathered from across the borough of Bexley, Kent. We want to be a genuine family of enthusiastic worshippers who are passionate about the truth and relevance of the Bible. We desire to live out the Bible's message in authentic Christian lifestyles, representing and proclaiming the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world around us.

    Thank you for taking the time to find out a little more about Trinity and our beliefs. We hope you catch a glimpse of the life and joy of our church family as well as our enthusiasm for biblical truth and evangelism.  You may be looking for a new church home, or searching for answers to life's questions. No matter what your situation we are here to try and help you. We look forward to seeing you sometime.




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