Weekly Update from Andy - 16th May 2021

    Pastor’s Message

    “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?” (John 6:9).

    Today are exploring the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000+ people.  One feature of that story which Mark does not include is that the five loaves and two fish which Jesus used to perform that miracle belonged to a small boy.

    This was a central feature in the sermon that was preached at my graduation from Spurgeon’s College by one of my tutors, John Colwell.  He imagined a question from Jesus to the small boy, “May I have your lunch?”  He spoke of the insufficiency of the small boy’s offering in and of itself, but of how, in the hands of Jesus it became more than sufficient.  He spoke of the small boy’s sacrifice of his own wants and needs for the good of all.  And he spoke of the trust that the small boy placed in Jesus; that by giving up, not an added extra, but what he needed to stave off his own hunger, he trusted that Jesus would not leave him hungry.  All of this enabled the famous miracle, and the boy’s trust was met with more than enough provision not only for him, but for everyone else.

    The lessons were, of course, applied to our forthcoming ministries.  But the same applies to all of us, and to the collective church.  If we are operating where God wants us to operate, our offering should always be insufficient for the task – if it isn’t then what need have we of God?  Likewise, our offering for the spread of Jesus’ Kingdom will always involve sacrifice and trust – sacrifice of time, money, skills, and emotional energy (especially expended in prayer), in trust that God will bring a harvest from our efforts and will give us all we need, too.  It is not that the blessing of God is proportional to the sacrifice we are willing to make (how can it ever be so restricted?), but it is that God tends to respond to sacrifice and passionate prayer and will often wait to move until it is given and persisted in. 

    Jesus stands before each of us and asks, “May I have your lunch?  Will you entrust into my hands what you have to offer?”  And if we are willing to give it, he will do immeasurably more with it than we could ask or imagine.  As we continue to experience the blessings arising from the increased covid-vaccinations, I believe the time is now right for each of us to look afresh at what we are offering to Jesus to benefit the spread of his kingdom on earth.  Will you let Jesus have your lunch?

    My love to you all.


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