C:UsersPriscillaAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheIEN08TSJJSPrayer_38_tns[1].pngPrayer at Trinity

We believe prayer works! It is an essential part of being a Christian because we can actually communicate with the God who made us and loves us. Prayer enables us to discern what God wants for our lives and for our church, our country and our world.

So what do we do at Trinity?

We begin the year with praying together as a church. This sometimes means a meeting to sing and pray, or just pray or even go on a prayer walk! This year we did all of these.

C:UsersPriscillaAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheIE553WT50TQuestion-Guy[1].pngWhat else?

Prayer Services for all the family

During the year we have opportunities to pray in creative ways. On New Year's Day this year we had Breakfast together, watched a video,  made things with playdough,  made a wax-scratch picture, and did some colouring. We prayed too! Everyone joined in.  We have services for children to pray and sing, and services for all the family.  Sometimes we join with the Worship Band and pray and sing together.

Prayer  for  difficult times

C:UsersPriscillaAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheIE4F392L5Kgod-love[1].jpgTrinity has a prayer chain.  Anyone can join it. People email their requests and we all pray as we receive them. The prayer requests can be for ourselves or for people we know and care about. They can be major things that are happening to us or minor things that need prayer to overcome. We also use the prayer chain to encourage each other as we see how God has answered.


Prayer as a response after the service       

Trinity has a Prayer Ministry Team.  These are people who pray for others at church or during the week, if required. C:UsersPriscillaAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheIEM3PCDJJ0prayer2[1].jpgThe Prayer Ministry team meet together to pray before the service, and during the week on Thursday evenings. The Prayer Ministry team prays for people who want to see God do something in their lives. It is for anyone who wants more of God or who has a personal need they want God to meet.

At Trinity we believe in the power of prayer but recognise we are all learners. We accept that we may pray in different ways but we welcome anyone who wants to learn with us about how to know God better through prayer and worship.

When can I come and who do I ask?

  • If you come to church and want personal prayer look for people with prayer ministry badges on or make your way to the Prayer Ministry corner near the stairs.
  • Come and pray with others before Sunday morning service at 9.45 upstairs.
  • Join  us on Thursday evenings at 8 pm to pray [or occasionally downstairs with the Worship Band]
  • Ask a leader or deacon about joining a small group for prayer and Bible study, or to meet with one or two others to pray regularly with them.
  • Find out about becoming an intercessor.




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